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06/23/2019 SS Good and Evil Mike Perkins I Thes 14 Listen Watch
06/23/2019 AM What is the Old Time Religon Barry Parsons Jer 6 Listen Watch
06/23/2019 PM Are You Ready for Battle? James Verselles Eph 6 Listen Watch
06/16/2019 SS Study of John #56 Dr. Mickey Carter John 18 Listen Watch
06/16/2019 AM A Champion Father Dr. Mickey Carter Num 14:20-24 Listen Watch
06/16/2019 PM Don't Get Shook Up Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 12 Listen Watch
06/14/2019 Local Church Truth Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 3:21 Listen Watch
06/09/2019 SS Study of John #55 Dr Mickey Carter John 18 Listen Watch
06/09/2019 AM Who or What Would You Die For? Dr Mickey Carter Rom 5:1-9 Listen Watch
06/09/2019 PM How to Be Happy Dr Mickey Carter Prov Listen Watch
06/05/2019 The Prophecy come true Dr Mickey Carter Listen Watch
06/02/2019 SS Study of John #54 Dr. Mickey Carter John 18 Listen Watch
06/02/2019 AM Righteous Ignorance Dr. Mickey Carter Romans 10:1-13 Listen Watch
06/02/2019 PM Costly Denial Dr. Mickey Carter John 18 Listen Watch
05/30/2019 Inside Sins Dr. Mickey Carter Pro 6:16 Listen Watch
05/26/2019 SS Are You Truly Saved Bro. Mike Perkins James 2:10 Listen Watch
05/26/2019 AM That Golden Rule Thing Bro. Bob Ossewaarde Luke 6:27-36 Listen Watch
05/26/2019 PM The Story of Jeremiah Dr. Phil Pitts Jer 1:4-7 Listen Watch
05/22/2019 High School Graduation 2019 / What the World Needs More Of! Bro. Colin Morton III John 1-8 Listen Watch
05/19/2019 SS Study of John #53 Dr. Mickey Carter John 17 Listen Watch
05/19/2019 AM Good Character in the Fire Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 3:13-18 Listen Watch
05/19/2019 PM 2018-19 LBC College Graduation Bro Purdue Ps 34:15 Listen Watch
05/16/2019 Set Your Affections Dr. Mickey Carter Col. 3:1-2 Listen Watch
05/12/2019 SS Study of John #52 Dr. Mickey Carter John 16 Listen Watch
05/12/2019 AM Mother's Day (Motherhood) Dr. Mickey Carter Prov. 31:10-31 Listen Watch
05/12/2019 PM When the Baby Cried Dr. Mickey Carter Exo. 2:1-6 Listen Watch
05/08/2019 Visions Bro. Gary Mattheney Prov 17:8 Listen Watch
05/05/2019 SS Study of John #51 Dr. Mickey Carter John 16 Listen Watch
05/05/2019 AM The Continuing Sign Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 27 Listen Watch
05/05/2019 PM No Short Cuts to Glory Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 5:1-11 Listen Watch
05/01/2019 Overreacting Dr. Mickey Carter Pro 18:13 Listen Watch
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