Our Ministries

Sunday School Classes
Sunday School classes are an important part of Landmark's Progam. Landmark is pleased to offer classes for children of all ages. We also provide several class options for adults. Every Sunday morning at 10 A.M. the classes present a lesson from the Word of God designed for the age and needs of the classroom. Click this link to learn the location of each of our classrooms.
Youth Ministry
Landmark Baptist Church has an exciting, active, and growing Youth ministry called the “Glory Teens.” Our theme verse is I Corinthians 10:31, “Whether therefore we eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” This reveals our name and purpose behind everything we do. The Glory Teens welcome any teenager that is 12-19 years old. We keep the youth in our church active by having frequent activities and games that allow them to have fun in a spiritually safe environment. The most important aspect of our ministry is to train and equip each teen with the knowledge of knowing Christ as their savior, knowing how to lead others to Christ, knowing what they believe and why, knowing how to live a holy, separated life, and knowing how to serve the Lord and others. This purpose is accomplished in our Bible studies where they are taught from the word of God.

Bus Routes
Landmark began running buses to pick up children for Sunday School back in 1971, and we have been doing it ever since. Our Bus Ministry runs 12 routes which pick up over 400 riders each Sunday. Our record attendance was set back on Anniversary Sunday of 2001 with a whopping 1618 riders! The purpose of the bus ministry is to so see souls from Haines City and its surrounding communities come to Christ.
Landmark Christian School
Landmark Christian School was founded in 1972. Nearly 450 students have graduated, and many have attained higher education, fulfilling positions throughout the United States as Pastors, Christian School teachers, Attorneys, legal aides, and successful business owners. The mission of Landmark Christian School is to assist the home by providing a quality education, both academically and spiritually, in a Christ-honoring and caring atmosphere. Click this link for contact information and to educate yourself about our school.
Landmark Baptist College
Landmark Baptist College was founded to train men and women to serve the Lord through the ministry of a local church. The College aims to produce "plug and play" Christians. In other words, they produce Christians that know how, and are eager to serve the Lord through a local church. The students are taught the word of God, and how to apply those principles in daily life and ministry. To find contact information, and learn more about the College, please click this link.
Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum
Landmark's Freedom Baptist Curriculum is the only full-line (K through 12) curriculum owned and operated by a local independent Baptist church. Click this link to find out more about what our Curriculum has to offer.
Landmark Baptist Press
Landmark Baptist Press offers books that celebrate our Christian and Baptist heritage. Our focus is on the King James Bible, Baptist History, and Doctrine. They also offer a selection of books for children and teenagers. These include adventure books that teach character and integrity. Click here to visit our online store.
Gospel 90.3 WLVF
Landmark Baptist Church has its own radio station that broadcasts the greatest in Southern Gospel Music 24-7. Click this link to listen online.
Camp Glory
Camp Glory was carved out of Florida's natural environment, and is nestled in the midst of a lovely Florida glade. Camp Glory exists as a haven for young people to hear Bible instruction away from worldly media and influence. There campers are immersed in a Christ centered atmosphere allowing the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work in their hearts and lives. Every summer Camp Glory holds two camps. Learn more about Camp Glory here.
Deaf Ministry
Landmark is privileged to have every service interpreted into sign language by volunteers. Those volunteers also reach out to the deaf of our community in soul winning and discipleship.
Key-to-Life Prison Ministry
Key-to-Life sends out Bible lessons every week to those incarcerated in our local prisons. These lessons are designed to reform prisoners in only the way that the Scriptures can!
Landmark Christian Bookstore
The Landmark Christian Bookstore offers Bibles, Christian books and literature, teaching supplies, and much more. They specialize in clean, quality products and resources for the entire family. The Bookstore is located at 810 East Hinson Ave in Haines City, and they are open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. For more information, you may reach the Landmark Christian Bookstore at 863-422-7753.
Landmark Retirement Village
Landmark runs a gated housing complex made available as a retirement home to many individuals retiring from years of service to the Lord. You can find more inforamation about the village by clicking here
New Life Thrift Shop
The thrift shop supplements the support of the many children living in the orphanages of New Life Orphanages International. It is run totally by volunteers from the community, which means not one person receives an income. All proceeds go directly to meeting the needs of the children. More information is available here.
Nursing Home Ministry
Many of the Nursing homes, as well as RV parks around the Central Florida area are visited every week by members of the Landmark Baptist Church. Services are held there at the local facilities, to bring a church home to those unable to attend the regular services of the Landmark Baptist Church.
Senior Patriots

Our Senior Patriots program began in 1979, and is a ministry that reaches out to the senior citizens in the Central Florida area. Senior Patriots meets every Saturday morning 10 AM to 12:30 PM every November through March. The program offers the three M's: Music, Message, and a free Meal! Not only do the Senior Patriots have a great time every Saturday morning, but they also take trips to many attractions in the Central Florida area.

Soul Winning

Landmark takes the command of scripture to go into all the world and preach the Gospel very seriously, and have many opportunities for soul winning visitation. Each and every Thursday the church holds church wide visitation, as well as ladies visitation every Thursday morning. Landmark also offers soul winning training every Saturday morning at the Gentleman's Fisherman's Club, and Ladies Phoster's club. There members are trained in how to soul win, and then go out to do the job door to door.

Spanish Church

Services are held completely in Spanish at Landmark's Iglesia Baptista Landmark. This ministry endeavors to reach out to the Spanish-speaking people of our community, and bring them to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

World Missions

We at Landmark Baptist Church take the command from Mark 16:15 to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel" with the utmost importance. Through our Faith Promise program, we have the privilege of supporting missionaries that go to our "Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

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