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Our Pastor

Pastor Parsons and Wife

Pastor Barry Parsons is a graduate of Landmark Baptist College. In 2015 he was called to be the Assistant Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church and Executive Vice President of Landmark Baptist College. In 2017 Pastor Carter made him the Administrative Pastor overseeing all of the ministries of Landmark Baptist Church. He continued to served in that capacity until he was called and voted on to be the Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church on January 24, 2021. The next Sunday, January 31, 2021 was Anniversary Sunday and served as Pastor Parsons' first Sunday as Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church, and Pastor Carter's last Sunday as the pastor becoming the pastor emeritus. Pastor Carter became the Pastor Emeritus of Landmark Baptist Church completing 50 years of faithful service as the pastor. Pastor Carter is still serving in and through Landmark Baptist Church and its ministries.