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Date Title Speaker Text
08/31/2018 Unclean Spirits Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 5:1 Listen Watch
08/26/2018 SS Study of John #26 Dr. Mickey Carter John 8 Listen Watch
08/26/2018 AM Betrayal 1 Dr. Mickey Carter I Chron 12:16-18 Listen Watch
08/26/2018 PM Apprehended Barry Parsons Phi 13:5-14 Listen Watch
08/22/2018 How to Deal with Things in this Life Barry Parsons Col 3:1 Listen Watch
08/19/2018 SS Study of John #25 Dr. Mickey Carter John 8 Listen Watch
08/19/2018 AM Sending a Message to God Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 19:10-27 Listen Watch
08/19/2018 PM Company in the Storm Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 27:23-25 Listen Watch
08/15/2018 Teen Mission Trip Testimonies Teens Listen Watch
08/12/2018 SS I Need More Mary and Less Martha Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Luke 10:38-32 Listen Watch
08/12/2018 AM Back to School Barry Parsons John 11:18-26 Listen Watch
08/12/2018 PM Where are You Sitting? Barry Parsons Rev 3:14-19 Listen Watch
08/08/2018 Teacher Testimonies Teachers Listen Watch
08/05/2018 SS Study of John #24 Dr. Mickey Carter John 4 Listen Watch
08/05/2018 AM The Days of Babel Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 11:1-9 Listen Watch
08/05/2018 PM God's Cannots Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 6:24-25 Listen Watch
08/01/2018 Message Dr. Bill Bradley Rev 19:11 Listen Watch
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