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Date Title Speaker Text
05/30/2018 Missionaries testimonies / Hold Fast Bro. Kevin Mam II Cor 4:15 Listen Watch
05/27/2018 SS Study of John #16 Dr. Mickey Carter John 5:17 Listen Watch
05/27/2018 AM What Mean Ye by These Stones Dr. Mickey Carter Jos 4:1-9 Listen Watch
05/27/2018 PM So Much the More Bro. Branham Heb 10:19-25 Listen Watch
05/23/2018 LBC Graduation 2018 Bro. Plowman Listen Watch
05/20/2018 SS Study of John #15 Dr. Mickey Carter John 5:1 Listen Watch
05/20/2018 AM Searching for Wisdom Dr. Mickey Carter Job 28:12-28 Listen Watch
05/20/2018 PM LCS Graduation 2018 Dr. Bedel Listen Watch
05/16/2018 Believe Thou This Bro. Mullins John 11:1 Listen Watch
05/13/2018 SS Study of John #14 Dr. Mickey Carter John 4:40 Listen Watch
05/13/2018 AM Godly Mothers Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 113:1-9 Listen Watch
05/13/2018 PM The Common Righteous War Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 19:7-16 Listen Watch
05/09/2018 How We Keep Going Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 12:1 Listen Watch
05/06/2018 SS Study of John #13 Dr. Mickey Carter John 4:25 Listen Watch
05/06/2018 AM Fighting Against God Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 5:29-42 Listen Watch
05/06/2018 PM The Jewish Question Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 16:14-16 Listen Watch
05/02/2018 Teen Testimonies / What is That in Thine Hand Scott Hester Ex 4:1 Listen Watch
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