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Date Title Speaker Text
03/28/2018 Camp 2018 - Business Meeting Barry Parsons Listen Watch
03/26/2018 SS Study of John #9 Dr. Mickey Carter John 2:19 Listen Watch
03/26/2018 AM The Final Con Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 13:11-18 Listen Watch
03/26/2018 PM The Regeneration Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 19:27-30 Listen Watch
03/21/2018 Where is God? Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 40 Listen Watch
03/18/2018 SS Study of John #8 Dr. Mickey Carter John 2 Listen Watch
03/18/2018 AM Converting the Saved Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 22:31-34 Listen Watch
03/18/2018 PM Saying and Doing Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 1:1-3 Listen Watch
03/14/2018 It Pays to Serve the Lord Dr. Mickey Carter Col 2 Listen Watch
03/12/2018 SS Study of John #7 Dr. Mickey Carter John 2:4-15 Listen Watch
03/12/2018 AM The Devil's Derision Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 9:51-56 Listen Watch
03/12/2018 PM The Wind of Doctrine Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 4:14 Listen Watch
03/07/2018 Things to do when we are Weary Mark Montgomery II Sam 16:13-14 Listen Watch
03/05/2018 SS Study of John #6 Dr. Mickey Carter John 1:41-51 Listen Watch
03/05/2018 AM The Destructive Complex Dr. Mickey Carter Pro 16:18 Listen Watch
03/05/2018 PM Just Some Things Barry Parsons Pro 16:18 Listen Watch
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