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Date Title Speaker Text
02/28/2018 Prayer Dr. Mickey Carter James 5:16 Listen Watch
02/26/2018 SS Study of John #5 Dr. Mickey Carter John 1:34-42 Listen Watch
02/26/2018 AM Enjoying Good Days Dr. Mickey Carter I Peter 3:10-12 Listen Watch
02/26/2018 PM What Shall We Have Therefore Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 19:27-30 Listen Watch
02/21/2018 What Are We Doing for the Great Commission Tom McGuint Hosea 3:1-5 Listen Watch
02/18/2018 SS Wisdom Bro. Perkins Ex 28:3-4 Listen Watch
02/18/2018 AM The Blind Leading the Blind Barry Parsons Matt 15:12-14 Listen Watch
02/18/2018 PM Who has Preeminence Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Col 1:18 Listen Watch
02/11/2018 SS Study of John #4 Dr. Mickey Carter John 1 Listen Watch
02/11/2018 AM Falling in your own Pit Dr. Mickey Carter Proverbs 28:9 Listen Watch
02/11/2018 PM Do You Believe God's Fire can Fall Again? Nathan Birt I Kings 18:1 Listen Watch
02/07/2018 Situation Ethics Dr. Mickey Carter Isa 11:1-6 Listen Watch
02/01/2018 Testimonies Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
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