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Date Title Speaker Text
10/27/2013 SS The Believers Peacemaker Steven Carter John 14:1 Listen Watch
10/16/2011 PM Weapon of Prayer Steven Carter Listen Watch
10/05/2011 Spiritual Weapons 3 Steven Carter Rom. 6 Listen Watch
10/02/2011 PM Spiritual Weapons 2 Steven Carter Rom. 6:3 Listen Watch
09/28/2011 Know, Reckon, and Yield Steven Carter Rom 6: Listen Watch
09/21/2011 Spiritual Weapons 1 Steven Carter Luke 24:25-27 Listen
09/14/2011 The Believers Warfare 4 Steven Carter I Sam. 15:23 Listen Watch
08/31/2011 The Believers Warfare 3 Steven Carter Luke 11:24-30 Listen Watch
08/28/2011 AM Understanding Strongholds Steven Carter II Cor 10:4-5 Listen Watch
08/24/2011 The Believers Warfare 2 Steven Carter II Cor 10:1-5 Listen Watch
08/21/2011 PM The Believers Warfare 1 Steven Carter II Cor 10:1-5 Listen Watch
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