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12/05/2018 Tithe Bro. Pasola Gen 14:20 Listen Watch
12/03/2018 SS Missions Conference Day 3 Missionaries Listen Watch
12/03/2018 AM The Subject of Missions Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 16:7-10 Listen Watch
12/03/2018 PM Missions Conference Day 4 Missionaries Acts 1:8 Listen Watch
11/29/2018 Missions Conference Day 2 Missionaries Listen Watch
11/28/2018 Missions Conference Day 1 Missionaries Listen Watch
11/25/2018 SS God's Law Bro. Perkins Deut 6:1 Listen Watch
11/25/2018 AM Are You In? Barry Parsons Gal 2:5 Listen Watch
11/25/2018 PM Finding Joy Bro. Jim Morgan Acts 8:5-8 Listen Watch
11/21/2018 Testimonies Bro. Perkins Listen Watch
11/14/2018 Walk in the Light Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 5:8 Listen Watch
11/11/2018 SS Study of John #35 Dr. Mickey Carter John 12:1-16 Listen Watch
11/11/2018 AM Knowing His Purpose Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 8:1,28,35 Listen Watch
11/11/2018 PM The Clash of Kingdoms Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 17:1-18 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 PM BC7 - Why Did She Leave The Water Pot Bro. Don Chitty John 4:6-29 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 PM BC8 - Blessings of Sharing the Gospel Bro. John Wilkerson John 4:29-41 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 AM BC9 - Some Definites In Our Christian Life Bro. Chad Stanley Ps 23 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 AM BC10 - Wherefore Remember Therefore Bro. Larry Hobbs Rev 2:1-5 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 AM BC11 - When He Came to Himself Bro. Daniel Cox Luke 15:1-2, 11-24 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 AM BC12 - Idols or The Word of God Bro. Kevin Hart Eze 8:5, I John 1:1 Listen Watch
11/07/2018 PM A Life That Wins Bro. Rex Carringer Phi 3:8 Listen Watch
11/06/2018 AM BC4 - What God Does When He Creates Bro. Dervin Spears Gen 1:1-3 Listen Watch
11/06/2018 AM BC5 - Bro. Don Chitty Lessons From Blind Bartemaeus Mark 10:46-52 Listen Watch
11/06/2018 AM BC6 - Message Bro. John Wilkerson I, II Tim Listen Watch
11/05/2018 PM BC2 - Times of Limitation Bro. John Wilkerson Jer 29:1-11 Listen Watch
11/05/2018 PM BC3 - Don't Sit Down on God Bro. Don Chitty I Sam 1:1 Listen Watch
11/04/2018 SS Study of John #34 John 11 Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
11/04/2018 AM Looking for God John 3:1-3 Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
11/04/2018 PM BC1 - Bringing a Gift to God Heb 5:1 Bro. Dervin Spears Listen Watch
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