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12/10/2017 SS Study of I John #12 Dr. Mickey Carter I John 4:7 Listen Watch
12/10/2017 AM Who Owns Jerusalem Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 28:16-22 Listen Watch
12/10/2017 PM Amazing Grace - Christmas Canata 2017 Landmark Baptist Church and Choir Listen Watch
12/06/2017 Mission in Bartow Brian Gentry Luke 1:8-15 Listen Watch
12/04/2017 AM The Greatest Crisis Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 9:23-36 Listen Watch
12/04/2017 PM All That God Had Done Bro. Knickerbocker Acts 14:27; 15:4,12 Listen Watch
12/03/2017 SS We Can All Send Someone Bro. Knickerbocker Luke 22 Listen Watch
11/30/2017 Mission Conference - There is no Restraint of the Lord Bro. Gardner I Sam 14:6 Listen Watch
11/29/2017 Mission Conference - Where are your Treasures? Bro. Moorman Matt 6:18 Listen Watch
11/26/2017 SS Redeeming the Time Bro. Perkins Col 4:5 Listen Watch
11/26/2017 AM The Faith Promise Barry Parsons Heb 11:1 Listen Watch
11/26/2017 PM Insights From a Blind Man Dr. Bill Bradley John 9:1-7 Listen Watch
11/22/2017 Hiding in Thee Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Isa 2:17 Listen Watch
11/19/2017 SS Study of I John #11 Dr. Mickey Carter I John 4 Listen Watch
11/19/2017 AM Rushing to Judgment Dr. Mickey Carter Prov 18:13-14 Listen Watch
11/19/2017 PM Wake Up Barry Parsons Eph 5:15 Listen Watch
11/15/2017 The Disaster of our Day Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 6:9-20 Listen Watch
11/12/2017 SS Study of I John #10 Dr. Mickey Carter I John 4 Listen Watch
11/12/2017 AM The Most Hated Commandment Dr. Mickey Carter Ex 20:1-17 Listen Watch
11/12/2017 PM What Think Ye? Gene Mullins Matt 26:66 Listen Watch
11/08/2017 BC9 - Why Elisha? Don Chitty II Kings 2:1-14 Listen Watch
11/08/2017 BC10 - RVG Humberto Gomez Jer 36:22-25 Listen Watch
11/08/2017 BC11 - Do you Really Pray? Bro. Felier Ps 23 Listen Watch
11/08/2017 BC12 - Caleb wholly followed God Chad Stanley Listen Watch
11/08/2017 BC13 - The Touch of God Gene Gouge Matt 14 Listen Watch
11/07/2017 BC4 - How to Keep from Failing Gene Gouge Ps. 26:1 Listen Watch
11/07/2017 BC5 - New Cart Christianity Chad Stanley I Chron 13:1-10 Listen Watch
11/07/2017 BC6 - Lessons in Leadership Shane Skelton Num 11:16-17 Listen Watch
11/07/2017 BC8 - Why Does God Hide His Face? Don Chitty Isa 45:15 Listen Watch
11/06/2017 BC2 - More than Leaves Don Chitty Mark 11:12-14 Listen Watch
11/06/2017 BC3 - Unforgiveness Dan Cox II Sam 14:21-24 Listen Watch
11/05/2017 AM Roosting Chickens Dr. Mickey Carter Hosea 8:1-7 Listen Watch
11/05/2017 PM BC1 - Say On Gene Gouge Acts 13:13-15 Listen Watch
11/01/2017 The Rapture, the Antichrist, and the number 7 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 9: 20-27 Listen Watch
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