Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
11/29/2012 Foriegn Missions Various None Listen Watch
11/28/2012 The Big Picture Dr Mickey Carter I Sam 29:17 Listen Watch
11/25/2012 SS The Sissy Church Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 3 Listen Watch
11/25/2012 AM The Command to Rescue Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 1:1-12 Listen Watch
11/25/2012 PM The Value of One Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 8:26-39 Listen Watch
11/21/2012 Ministry Reports Dr. Mickey Carter Psalm 100 Listen Watch
11/18/2012 SS A Deadly Roundup Dr. Mickey Carter Zech 12:1-5 Listen Watch
11/18/2012 AM Our Lord Cometh Steven Carter I Cor 16:21-24 Listen Watch
11/18/2012 PM The Test of Character Dr. Mickey Carter Esther 3:1-6 Listen Watch
11/16/2012 Give us a King Otis Durhart I Sam 8 Listen Watch
11/14/2012 The Business Spirit Dolton Robertson Rom 12:11 Listen Watch
11/13/2012 Fellowship with God Kurt LaBouve Phil 2:1 Listen Watch
11/13/2012 What Matters Dolton Robertson James 4 Listen Watch
11/13/2012 Choosing Life's Mate Tom Sexton Prov 18 Listen Watch
11/13/2012 Humble Yourself Dolton Robertson Luke 4:14 Listen Watch
11/13/2012 Lot Minded Believers Tom Sexton Luke 19:26 Listen Watch
11/12/2012 Believe to Believe Tom Sexton I John 5:13 Listen Watch
11/11/2012 AM Phenomena Dr Mickey Carter Mark 9:1-10 Listen Watch
11/11/2012 PM It's Going to be OKAY Tom Sexton John Listen Watch
11/07/2012 How to get over discouragement Dr Mickey Carter I Sam 30:6 Listen Watch
11/04/2012 SS The New World Order Part 2 Dr Mickey Carter Dan 2:41 Listen Watch
11/04/2012 AM Whats Your Vote Steven Carter II Peter 1:10-12 Listen Watch
11/04/2012 PM Walking Worthy Dr Mickey Carter I Thes 2:1-12 Listen Watch