Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
05/30/2012 He Shall Direct Thy Paths David Osteen Prov 3:5-6 Listen Watch
05/27/2012 SS Sodom and Gomorrah Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 19 Listen Watch
05/27/2012 AM An Essencial Excersize for the Christian Steven Carter Josh 1:1-9 Listen Watch
05/27/2012 PM He Saved Others Bro. Gomez Matt 27:42 Listen Watch
05/20/2012 SS Is it Right or Wrong to Worship on Sunday Dr. Mickey Carter Col 2:14-17 Listen Watch
05/20/2012 AM A Memorial Ordinance Steven Carter I Cor 5:6 Listen Watch
05/20/2012 PM A Free Lunch Dr. Mickey Carter John 6:1-14 Listen Watch
05/16/2012 The Storm Jonathon Adjabang Mark 4:35-41 Listen Watch
05/13/2012 SS Lessons from Moses' Mother Steven Carter Heb. 11 Listen Watch
05/13/2012 AM A Mother's Love Dr. Mickey Carter Ex. 2 Listen Watch
05/13/2012 PM The Key to an Effective Ministry Daniel White Luke 12:1-2 Listen Watch
05/09/2012 Missions and the Local Church Jim Morgan Acts 13 Listen Watch
05/06/2012 AM Give Audience Steven Carter Acts 13:14 Listen Watch
05/06/2012 PM Save the Soil Steven Carter Col 2;1-8 Listen Watch