Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
04/29/2012 SS Prove all things 2 Steven Carter I Thes 5:21 Listen Watch
04/29/2012 AM Natural Born Losers Steven Carter Mark 8:34-38 Listen Watch
04/29/2012 PM Live like an Ambassador Above Steven Carter Col 3:1-4 Listen Watch
04/25/2012 The Friend of God Tim Hawkins James 2:23 Listen Watch
04/22/2012 SS Doctrine of the Tithe Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 14 Listen Watch
04/22/2012 AM Christ Gave Himself for Us Steven Carter Titus 2 Listen Watch
04/22/2012 PM Creeping Gradualism Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 5 Listen Watch
04/18/2012 Giving Your All Jeff Faggart Matt 16:13-28 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 Continue in what you have learned Mykail 2 Tim 3 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 Behold the man, behold your king Aaron John 19:1-6 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 In Awe of Thy Word Don Strange Ps 119:161-162 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 Preaching Through Romans Jeff Faggart Rom 12:1-2 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 Election Jeff Faggart Rom 8:31-38 Listen Watch
04/17/2012 Unto Him be glory in the Church Don Strange Eph 3:20-21 Listen Watch
04/16/2012 God in the Hands of Angry Sinners Don Strange Mark 14:41-42 Listen Watch
04/15/2012 SS The Doctrine of Baptism Jeff Faggart Acts 8 Listen Watch
04/15/2012 AM Divers Earthquakes Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 21:5 Listen Watch
04/15/2012 PM Pre-destruction Jeff Faggart Rom 8:1-39 Listen Watch
04/11/2012 Keys to being a Disciple Steven Carter Acts 14:20-28 Listen Watch
04/08/2012 SS The Ressurection Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 28 Listen Watch
04/08/2012 AM Whom we preach Steven Carter Listen Watch
04/08/2012 PM Delusion Time Dr. Mickey Carter Is 66:1-4 Listen Watch
04/01/2012 SS How to Age Gracefully Steven Carter Titus 2:1-3 Listen Watch
04/01/2012 AM The Picture of Palm Sunday Dr. Mickey Carter Ps. 24:7-9 Listen Watch
04/01/2012 PM Culture Crazed Churches of Crete Steven Carter Titus 1:10 Listen Watch