Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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Date Title Speaker Text
01/29/2012 SS Doctrine of the Rapture 2 Dr. Mickey Carter I Thess 4:13 Listen Watch
01/29/2012 AM What should we do when Midnight strikes Steven Carter Acts 16:19 Listen Watch
01/29/2012 PM My Chief Friend Dr. Mickey Carter SoS 5:9-16 Listen Watch
01/25/2012 Importance of one more visit Dennis Corle John 15:16 Listen Watch
01/22/2012 SS Doctrine of the Rapture 1 Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:50 Listen Watch
01/22/2012 AM Knowing God Steven Carter Jer 9:23-24 Listen Watch
01/22/2012 PM Be Not Weary Dr. Mickey Carter Gal 6:9 Listen Watch
01/18/2012 A Church of Real People Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 11:22-26 Listen Watch
01/15/2012 SS Things for the new year Steven Carter James 4:13-17 Listen Watch
01/15/2012 AM There is a problem with your god Steven Carter Dan 3 Listen Watch
01/15/2012 PM What happens whe you get wasted Al Stone Ps 137:1-6 Listen Watch
01/11/2012 Timing of Events 3 Dr. Mickey Carter Ez 38 Listen Watch
01/10/2012 When they heard the words Larry Branham Neh 8:1-12 Listen
01/10/2012 Hold Fast James Knox II Tim 1 Listen
01/10/2012 When a christian sins Glenn Riggs Gal 6 Listen
01/08/2012 SS Study of Christ's Birth 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 1 Listen Watch
01/08/2012 AM The Earth is the Lord's Steven Carter Ps 24 Listen Watch
01/08/2012 PM Timing of Events 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Ez 19 Listen Watch
01/04/2012 The timing of events 1 Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 37 Listen Watch
01/01/2012 SS Having a thirst for God Steven Carter Ps 63:1-11 Listen Watch
01/01/2012 AM The answer for an evil day Dr. Mickey Carter Ecc 8:6-11 Listen Watch
01/01/2012 PM The greatest day on the calendar Steven Carter Ps 1:1-6 Listen Watch