Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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01/31/2016 AM Three times the Lord wouldn't answer Stephen Carter Math 15:21 Listen Watch
01/31/2016 SS On the Wrong way to Heaven Dr. Mickey Carter Jude 1:3-11 Listen Watch
01/31/2016 PM The Brooks of Gaash Brian McBride II Sam 23:30 Listen Watch
01/24/2016 PM Running Well Dr. Mickey Carter Gal 3:1 Listen Watch
01/24/2016 AM Caught in Unbelief Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 24:13-47 Listen Watch
01/24/2016 SS True Separation of Church and State Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 22:15 Listen Watch
01/20/2016 Resisting Government Dr. Mickey Carter I Tim 2:1-4 Listen Watch
01/17/2016 PM What God Said About Job Dennis Cole Job 1:8 Listen Watch
01/17/2016 SS Bad Doctrine of Islam 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan Listen Watch
01/17/2016 AM Slipping in the Gate Dr. Mickey Carter Josiah 9:1-20 Listen Watch
01/13/2016 The "Why" Is Not Important Now David Saxton Heb 10 Listen Watch
01/10/2016 PM The Fast Approaching Day Dr. Mickey Carter Hebrews 10 Listen Watch
01/10/2016 AM The Totally Fulfill Dr Mickey Carter Math 5:17-18 Listen Watch
01/10/2016 SS Bad Doctrine of Islam Dr. Mickey Carter I John 2:18 Listen Watch
01/06/2016 Trial Runs Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 12 Listen Watch
01/03/2016 SS The Millennium Rise of Christ Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 1:26 Listen Watch
01/03/2016 AM New Year 2016 Dr. Mickey Carter Ecc 8:6-13 Listen Watch
01/03/2016 PM The Power of Nothing Dr. Mickey Carter Jam 4:17 Listen Watch