Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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12/14/2014 SS Daniel #9 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 14 Listen Watch
12/14/2014 AM Who's King is This Dr. Mickey Carter John 19:14-22 Listen Watch
12/14/2014 PM Christmas Cantata Landmark Baptist Church & College Choir Rev 5 Listen Watch
12/10/2014 The Giants Dr. Mickey Carter Gen Listen Watch
12/07/2014 SS Daniel #8 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 4 Listen Watch
12/07/2014 AM The Sign Spoken Against Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 2:25-34 Listen Watch
12/07/2014 PM The Nets Larry Hobbs Luke 5:1-11 Listen Watch
12/03/2014 Missions Testimony Jim Morgan Acts 16:16 Listen Watch
11/30/2014 SS Daniel Part #7 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 3 Listen Watch
11/30/2014 AM Being Thankful Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 1:18-22 Listen Watch
11/30/2014 PM Adding to and Taking Out of the Bible Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 3:1-4 Listen Watch
11/26/2014 Testimonies Mike Perkins Ps 100 Listen Watch
11/23/2014 SS Missions Conference II Listen Watch
11/23/2014 AM Missions Conference III Bro. Nickerbacker Matt 9:36-38 Listen Watch
11/23/2014 PM Missions Conference IV Scotty Drake II Cor 9:6-7 Listen Watch
11/19/2014 Missions Conference I Listen Watch
11/16/2014 SS Why I Have Given to Missions Mike Case Mark 16:15 Listen Watch
11/16/2014 AM Forget About Things Behind You, Press Forward Scotty Drake Phil 3:13,14 Listen Watch
11/16/2014 PM Building a Church Scotty Drake Matt 16:18 Listen Watch
11/12/2014 It's All About Soulwinning Dr. Mickey Carter Daniel 12:3 Listen Watch
11/09/2014 SS Daniel #10 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 3 Listen Watch
11/09/2014 AM From Another World Dr. Mickey Carter John 17:15-20 Listen Watch
11/09/2014 PM It's Not Over Yet! Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 8:31 Listen Watch
11/05/2014 Preaching the Gospel to that City Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 14:21 Listen Watch
11/02/2014 AM Daniel #9 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 2 Listen Watch
11/02/2014 AM Open Door Dr. Mickey Carter John 10:1 Listen Watch
11/02/2014 PM Don't Forget Who We Are Dr. Mickey Carter James 1:17 Listen Watch