Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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11/15/2015 SS Music Bro. Perkins Job 38:4-7 Listen Watch
11/15/2015 AM Who is This That Forgiveth SIns? Bro. Perkins Luke 7:40-50 Listen Watch
11/15/2015 PM Yielding to God Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Rom 6:13 Listen Watch
11/13/2015 Youth Rally Charles Hamilton Mark 11:1-9 Listen
11/11/2015 Patriotic Service Listen Watch
11/08/2015 SS Demons #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 11 Listen Watch
11/08/2015 AM Is it Ever to Late to Pray? Dr. Mickey Carter Jer 7:16 Listen Watch
11/08/2015 PM Faithful to the Right Things Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 26 Listen Watch
11/04/2015 The Reason For Miracles Dr. Mickey Carter John 2 Listen Watch
11/01/2015 SS Demons Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 5:1 Listen Watch
11/01/2015 AM God's Looking For Night Guards Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 33:1-9 Listen Watch
11/01/2015 PM A Fiery Round-Up Dr. Mickey Carter I Kings 18:1 Listen Watch
10/28/2015 The Good Samaritan Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 10:25-37 Listen Watch
10/25/2015 SS What Happens to Children's Souls #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 18 Listen Watch
10/25/2015 AM Let's open our eyes Dr. Mickey Carter 2 Kings 6:17 Listen Watch
10/25/2015 PM The Unbelievable Report Dr. Mickey Carter Isa 53 Listen Watch
10/21/2015 What Makes God Angry Dr. Mickey Carter Prov 6:16-19 Listen Watch
10/18/2015 SS What Happens to Children's Souls Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 18 Listen Watch
10/18/2015 AM The Greatest Folly Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 12:1-5 Listen Watch
10/18/2015 PM Sincere Fellows Dr. Mickey Carter Ecc 1:1 Listen Watch
10/14/2015 We Must Love the Gospel Tim Meness II Cor 8:18 Listen Watch
10/11/2015 SS Our Maker Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 95:1 Listen Watch
10/11/2015 AM Deliverance From the Chaos Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 70:1-5 Listen Watch
10/11/2015 PM The Man that didn't Quit Dr. Mickey Carter Neh 4:17 Listen Watch
10/07/2015 Biblically what's happening Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 21:16 Listen Watch
10/04/2015 SS The Vision of the Church Mike Perkins 2 Tim 4:1 Listen Watch
10/04/2015 AM In Love With God Dr. Bob Ossewaarde John 14:1-9 Listen Watch
10/04/2015 PM God's Not Looking for Sour Grapes Bro. Parsons Isa 5:1 Listen Watch
09/30/2015 Why He Is Coming Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 22:6-7 Listen Watch
09/27/2015 PM The Witness of God Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 14:8 Listen Watch