Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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08/16/2017 Testimonies Church Listen Watch
08/14/2017 PM Substitute Oil Dr. Mickey Carter I Thes 3:1-13 Listen Watch
08/13/2017 SS God's Name Dr. Mickey Carter Ex 3:13 Listen Watch
08/13/2017 AM The Benevolent Dictator Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 94:1-23 Listen Watch
08/10/2017 Introducing Landmark's Christian School Staff of 2017-18 School Staff Listen Watch
08/06/2017 PM Building Above the Snake Line Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 61:1-8 Listen Watch
08/06/2017 AM Knowing in Part Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 13:9-13 Listen Watch
08/06/2017 SS Talking to the Dead Dr. Mickey Carter Deut 18:9 Listen Watch
08/02/2017 Christian Education Dr. Phil Pitts Deut 4 Listen Watch