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05/21/2017 SS The Antichrist Program #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 8:23-24, Rev 13:16-18 Listen Watch
05/21/2017 AM The College Level Dr. Mickey Carter II Chron 34:14-22 Listen Watch
05/21/2017 PM 2017 College Graduation Rex Carringer Job 31:1 Listen Watch
05/17/2017 The Blessedness of Being Planted in the Word and House of God Michael Trumpo Ps 1:,1-3, 92:13-14 Listen Watch
05/14/2017 SS The Antichrist Program #1 Dr. Mickey Carter Dan 7:20 Listen Watch
05/14/2017 AM Honoring Mothers Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 7:9-13 Listen Watch
05/14/2017 PM Salvation's Company Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 2:8-10 Listen Watch
05/10/2017 My Testimony Larry Hobbs Rom 6:8 Listen Watch
05/07/2017 SS The Devils Hatred Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 12 Listen Watch
05/07/2017 AM The Spitting Image Dr. Mickey Carter John 7:1-9 Listen Watch
05/07/2017 PM Church and State Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 22:15 Listen Watch
05/03/2017 Why Will Jesus Come Again? Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 22 Listen Watch
04/30/2017 SS Mystery in the Bible Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 3:4-9 Listen Watch
04/30/2017 AM Are We Awake Dr. Mickey Carter I Thes 5:1-9 Listen Watch
04/30/2017 PM Heading the Doctrine Dr. Mickey Carter I Tim 4:1-16 Listen Watch
04/27/2017 Call Unto Me Glenn Wiggins Jer 33:3 Listen Watch
04/23/2017 SS This Is My Love Story Mike Case Song 2:7 Listen Watch
04/23/2017 AM Do You Have A Cause Barry Parsons Phi 2:12-18 Listen Watch
04/23/2017 PM A Willingness to Help Tim Maness Acts 9:36 Listen Watch
04/19/2017 How to Conquer your Mountains Doug McCormick Josh 14:6-12 Listen Watch
04/16/2017 SS The Ressurection Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 28:1 Listen Watch
04/16/2017 AM The Dividing Sign Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 12:38-41 Listen Watch
04/16/2017 PM The Unrecognized Christ Tim Hawkins Luke 24:13 Listen Watch
04/12/2017 The Love of God Chad Stanley Eph 3:14 Listen Watch
04/09/2017 SS What about the Resurrection Body? Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:35 Listen Watch
04/09/2017 AM The Religious Crowd Dr. Mickey Carter John 12:10-19 Listen Watch
04/09/2017 PM The Most Painful Commands Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 9:22 Listen Watch
04/05/2017 Testimonies College Students Listen Watch
04/02/2017 SS Understanding Angels Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 97:7 Listen Watch
04/02/2017 AM Trying the Spirit of the Faith Dr. Mickey Carter I John 4:16 Listen Watch
04/02/2017 PM Honoring Dr. Phil Pitts / Taking Care of Little Children Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 18:1-14 Listen Watch