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11/30/2016 Missions Conference #1 What About Tomorrow Missionaries Joshua 3 Listen Watch
11/27/2016 SS Study of Jonah Dr. Mickey Carter Jonah 4 Listen Watch
11/27/2016 AM Wait until the Time Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 5 Listen Watch
11/27/2016 PM Don't Work Against the Wind Dr. Mickey Carter John 3:1 Listen Watch
11/23/2016 Testimonies Bro Parsons Listen Watch
11/20/2016 SS Study of Jonah 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Jonah 1:17 Listen Watch
11/20/2016 AM Be Thankful Dr. Mickey Carter Col 3:1-17 Listen Watch
11/20/2016 PM Mountain Peaks Bro Epley Job 1:1 Listen Watch
11/16/2016 The Study of Hezekiah Dr. Mickey Carter II Kings 18 Listen Watch
11/13/2016 SS Study of Jonah Dr. Mickey Carter Jonah 1:1 Listen Watch
11/13/2016 AM Discerning the Sound Dr. Mickey Carter Proverbs 29:2 Listen Watch
11/13/2016 PM Falling out of Love Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 2:1-6 Listen Watch
11/09/2016 Veterans Service Dr. Mickey Carter Listen Watch
11/06/2016 SS Prayer and Fasting Dr. Mickey Carter Matt 17:14 Listen Watch
11/06/2016 PM From a Spirit of Survival to a Spirit of Revival Vince Buttons Matt 14:22 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC8 - Ghosts that Haunt Rusty Riggs Prov 3:32 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC9 - Heavens Cheering Sections Brian Gentry Heb 12:1 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC10 - Formula for a Meaningful Life Vince Buttons John 15:5 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC11 - I'd Rather be a Door Keeper Shelton Smith Ps 84 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC12 - Winning Tactics Rex Carringer Ps 56:1 Listen Watch
11/04/2016 BC13 - Our Current Season Shelton Smith I Thes 5:1 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC2 - A Little Maid - This was a Giant Larry Hobbs II Kings 5:1 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC3 - The Word of God is Powerful Braxton Raymond Heb 4:2 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC4 - Obey in the Morning Shelton Smith Ez 24:15 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC5 - To Live is Christ Vince Buttons Phil 1:21 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC6 - Have Faith in God Dan Cox Mark 11:11-22 Listen Watch
11/03/2016 BC7 - They were Offended in Him Shelton Smith Matt 13:53-58 Listen Watch
11/02/2016 BC1 - 3 Tours through Psalms 100 Shelton Smith Psalms 100:1-5 Listen Watch