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06/25/2017 SS Is There A Heaven? Dr. Mickey Carter Ps 115:16 Listen Watch
06/25/2017 AM The Hated Way Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 9:1-16 Listen Watch
06/25/2017 PM Fighting with a Dead Man Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 6:1-12 Listen Watch
06/22/2017 AM Purge Yourself Mike Case Listen
06/22/2017 PM In The Way Mike Case Listen
06/21/2017 PM It's Not Evil - It's Dangerous Mike Case Listen
06/21/2017 AM High on Life Mike Case Listen
06/20/2017 AM The Battle Begins Mike Case Listen
06/20/2017 PM Strengthen the Spirit Mike Case Listen
06/19/2017 PM Are You Dead? Mike Case Listen
06/18/2017 PM The Love of Mercy Dr. Mickey Carter I Tim 6:5-11 Listen Watch
06/18/2017 SS Male and Female Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 2:18 Listen Watch
06/18/2017 AM The Weak Strongman Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 11:30-34 Listen Watch
06/14/2017 Preacher Boys Teens Listen Watch
06/11/2017 SS Satans Substitute Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 11:11 Listen Watch
06/11/2017 AM When God Laughs Dr. Mickey Carter Psalms 2:1-12 Listen Watch
06/11/2017 PM Amnon had a Friend Dr. Mickey Carter II Sam 13:1 Listen Watch
06/07/2017 The Reprobate Mind Dr. Mickey Carter Rom 1:18 Listen Watch
06/04/2017 SS The Green Gods Dr. Mickey Carter II Kings 17:9 Listen Watch
06/04/2017 AM When God Wept Dr. Mickey Carter Luke 19:41-44 Listen Watch
06/04/2017 PM The Heart of the Matter Dr. Mickey Carter Prov 4:23 Listen Watch