Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. Proverbs 22:28


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04/24/2016 SS The Ethiopian Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 8:5-12 Listen Watch
04/24/2016 AM Decision Time Dr. Mickey Carter Joel 3:1,9-17 Listen Watch
04/24/2016 PM A Final Instruction Dr. Mickey Carter II Tim 4:1-8 Listen Watch
04/20/2016 Testimonies (SWM) College Listen Watch
04/17/2016 SS All About Your Soul Bro Perkins Gen 2 Listen Watch
04/17/2016 AM Tempted to do Right Barry Parsons Gen 22:1 Listen Watch
04/17/2016 PM Pattern for the Landmark Dr. Bob Ossewaarde Ex 25:1-2/8-9 and James 13-14 Listen Watch
04/13/2016 A Message to the Church Bro McCormick Listen Watch
04/10/2016 SS The Word Easter Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 12:1-5 Listen Watch
04/10/2016 AM Clash of Philosophy Dr. Mickey Carter Acts 17:16-34 Listen Watch
04/10/2016 PM Soul Winning Marathon Testimonies Dr. Mickey Carter Ps. 126:6 Listen Watch
04/06/2016 Cambodia Jack Boskin Prov 24:23-27 Listen Watch
04/03/2016 SS God is Jealous over his Name Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 9:25 Listen Watch
04/03/2016 AM Job's Questionnaire Dr. Mickey Carter Job 38:1-11 Listen Watch
04/03/2016 PM Classy Faith Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 11:23-27 Listen Watch
03/30/2016 What is your goal in life? Bro. Perch Matt 6, 2 Cor 8 Listen Watch
03/27/2016 AM Many Infallible Proofs Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:1-9 Listen Watch
03/27/2016 SS Resurrection Sunday Dr. Mickey Carter I Cor 15:1-9 Listen Watch
03/27/2016 PM The Word 'Made' Dr. Mickey Carter John 1:1-2,14 Listen Watch
03/23/2016 A Brief History of Islam Part 2 Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 28:8 Listen Watch
03/20/2016 SS What is the Church #2 Dr. Mickey Carter Heb 12 Listen Watch
03/20/2016 AM Rejected Prince Dr. Mickey Carter Eze 44:1-2 Listen Watch
03/20/2016 PM You Can't Change God Dr. Mickey Carter Mal 3:1-6 Listen Watch
03/16/2016 A Brief History of Islam Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 16 Listen Watch
03/13/2016 SS What is the Church #1 Dr. Mickey Carter Eph 5:25 Listen Watch
03/13/2016 AM Evil's Critical Mass Dr. Mickey Carter Gen 6:10 Listen Watch
03/13/2016 PM Being Yolked Together Dr. Mickey Carter Phil 4:1-4 Listen Watch
03/09/2016 Truth from a Donkey Terrell Hopkins Luke 19:30 Listen Watch
03/06/2016 SS How Socialism Ends Up Dr. Mickey Carter Rev 13 Listen Watch
03/06/2016 AM Where's your Heart at? Dr. Mickey Carter Roman 10:6-13 Listen Watch
03/06/2016 PM A Graveyard Conversion Dr. Mickey Carter Mark 5:1-20 Listen Watch
03/02/2016 Pre-Restorathon Dr. Mickey Carter Phil 1:1-6 Listen Watch